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The semi-finished products developed in polyurethane are characterized as easy to assembly, enabling works such as machinery, milling or drilling for making technical parts, such as sheaves, rings and scraping scale devices.

Technical parts

For the development of a technical part, Hausthene relies on drawings, samples or still shifts its technical team to the field. After the analysis of the need presented by client, a project will be elaborated with the suggestion of polyurethane suggestion.


The polyurethane can be connected through chemical process to steel structures and other materials, such as plastic or ceramics. The structure to be coated should be duly prepared so that the gluing is definite and does not come loose with the working pressure.


Hausthene is the first company in Brazil authorized by Covestro, to work with Vulkollan®, a premium and high performance polyurethane based on Desmodur® 15, which is one of the most powerful elastomers available, with exceptional mechanical and dynamic characteristics.

VULKOLLAN® is a registered trademark of Covestro Group.

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